Over on Seth Godden's blog, Seth talks about the number one reason that people give him for giving up on a good idea is that "somebody's else is already doing it." 

I've found that people express an excessive need to maintaining the secrecy of their idea -a catch all in order to avoid ever having to put their idea to the test. I believe that on a subconscious level, they don't feel the idea is a winner but their fear of losing the dream prevents them in finding out. To appease their ego, they let the idea stew -permanently- on the back burner.

My advice is this: 

1. Hope for competition: If your idea is good then someone else is likely doing it allready -and that's a good thing because it adds to the legitimacy of your idea as Seth Godden discussed here about the benefits of competition.

2. Become well known: If your idea were really good you would want the whole world to know about it.. Keeping it a secret therefore is counter intuitive.

3. Take action: On majority, people have more to lose by not taking action than anything else. You should not marry a single idea. The sooner you learn weather your idea is a winner or not, the sooner you can focus your energies on the next step. 

Discussing your idea will force you to do one of two things: abandon it or make it happen.


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