Sample for Cover Letters

Writing an effective cover letter is essential to get yourself noticed. Use your cover letter as a sample of your communications effectiveness. Here are three simple to follow steps to produce a winning cover letter::
  1. Use the inverted pyramid technique in order to gain the recipient's attention. Start off by properly addressing your cover letter using the full name, address and proper salutation.
  2. Conclude your cover letter by summarizing what you want the next step to be. In other words, 'close the sale' by stating your preferred contact information or advise when and how you will follow-up.
  3. Finally, proof-read your cover letter. Grammatical, punctuation and spelling errors can turn off your reader. Leave adequate white space to keep your layout attractive -see the sample for cover letters below as a guide to a modern  block-style formating that is commonplace in business today. 
  A Sample for Cover Letters:
Sample for Cover Letters


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