Rihanna CD Rated R, has grown on me and my ears are still ringing from her July 4th performance here in Vancouver. In fact, I think the new Rihanna CD is amazing! You know when you're doing well when your detractors follow you around like puppies. Now, I don't normally get too excited about celebs, but Rihanna is, well, different, and I like that.

I watched Rihanna kick-off the North American leg of her Last Girl on Earth tour and I the scars to prove it. The tour was slated to open in Seattle two days prior but was cancelled reportedly due to production issues. She's dropped many other tour dates since and I try not to listen to all the Rihanna party-poopers that say her Last Girl on Earth Tour is a flop! I suggest that those people's money would be better invested watching Taylor Swift or Hannah Montana...The dropped dates are indicative of the US recession.

While the Rated R CD is nothing like Good Girl Gone Bad, if you buy the new Rihanna CD and listen to it without expectation, it will grow on you. The first time I listened to it, it was so different from what I expected from her that I wasn't really impressed because the music is a lot darker than her previous work.

I'm not sure why we don't expect that creative artists are going to change -they have to. Given the fact that she's only 22 and has gained a lot of life experience recently , I think it's understandable that she uses her creative talents to channel her emotions.

My "Rihanna CD" Rated R favorites are: Te Amo, Photographs, Rude Boy and The Last Song.

I love it Rihanna, keep it coming!


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