Cover Letter Examples that I have used successfully to get a job interview:

Further to my last post on this topic, there's no substitute for taking the time to do a good job. Following the real cover letter below as an example, the key components are laid out in highlighted blocks:

  1. Always address the cover letter with the full address as you would with any business letter. Research the person's name by searching their email address, networking sites or the company's website

  2. Let them know where you found their job posting.
  3. Craft a great hook that makes the reader want to keep on reading. In the real cover letter, I started with a generic statement, but the sentence also builds anticipation being a rather long, natural paragraph. In other words, I didn't say much but it flows well and reads fast, which builds excitement.

  4. Tell them what exactly you want and relate why your past experience makes you want the job.

  5. Tell them exactly what you can do for them and how your past success will be transferred to the new job.

  6. Ask for the job.

  7. Let them know how you can be reached. Don't leave more than one number -it can only serve to confuse them. Invite them to email you or call at their convenience. Use a number where they can leave a voice mail.
The end result should look like the real cover letters below; be well balanced and be pleasing to the eye in terms whitespace and line spacing.

Needless to say, the cute way I started the letter with the SQL SELECT statement got their attention, and got me an interview. I know it did because I asked them if it made my application stand out. Obviously, it worked.

-I'll post more example cover letters that have been successful for me in the near future. I'll also break down the process of writing other types of cover letters as well.

Read more about writing a Cover Letter Examples. Or come back here soon for more Cover Letter Examples


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