The final state is determined by the initial state. A singularity has only one initial state by definition, therefore the outcome of the Universe is constant.
Here's 2 points to ponder before considering what side of the BC Teacher's union you're on, and if you're willing to pay more taxes to fund a teachers salary increase or not:

1. You don't need a teaching degree to figure out that teachers only work part time jobs: thinking back to my kids school calendar,  I recall that there are between 162~185 days of school per year. School days are 6 hours long. That's an average of 1041 hours per year. The real world works an average of 2080 hours per year...

2. The starting salary of a BC teacher with a bachelors degree therefore works out to about $36 per hour maxing out at ~$56 per hour. Teachers can earn up to ~$68 per hour if they hold  a masters degree...
I hate the new Google Search page. It reminds me of when they brought out the new, 'improved' coke. Maybe Google is just looking  for more free publicity by purposely ruining their own #1 product...  Meanwhile they are creating chaos in my life. Here's why.

I use netbooks and mobile interfaces exclusively. The screen is small, I'm a tech freak and dont use a mouse and rely very little on the trackpad. When I open a page, I need lots of white space to click on so that the page is selected and not a form field or some other element so that I can use the cursor keys to scroll. Secondly, I tab a lot and Google Instant forces me to tab through dozens of main links entries and their tertiary, 'jump-to' sub links whatever their called I forget.

Web designers hear me please: Activate the DOCUMENT on load so that I can scroll with the cursor keys!

Anyway, I was trying Google Instant when it was in Google Labs but found it sucked so I turned it off.

Now and Google Chrome preferences will not save changes when I try to disable Google Instant.

I've found two simple work arounds:

1: Disable JavaScript for your Google search domain and use another browser or Google domain to access services which need JavaScript like gmail, etc.

2. For the time being at least, Google Instant is still beta and can be disabled in mobile view. So use this path for google search:

Use this page to avoid being forced to use Google's STUPID Instant Search. 

Actually, the mobile interface works pretty well, and ironically, Google Instant is kinda nice on the iPhone...

Google, please allow users to disable this feature again - it's a usability nightmare.

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