If you're interested in placing QR tags dynamically on your site, here's how I did it in less than 5 minutes thanks to Google's Chart API and jQuery...

Simply create an img element, setting it's src attribute to the Google Chart API appending your desired URL and image size to the query as follows:

This dynamically creates a 240x240 QR image, encoding the URL of the current page.

Try it out here for yourself:

Drag this bookmarklet to your bookmarks then click it whenever you want to dynamically generate a QR code of sites you visit:

Make QR Code


Anonymous said...

I thought dynamic qr codes mean that you can change the link in the code without changing the code. The link is rerouted to from a tiny url, for example. I came across a site called BWScan that has a dynamic qr code generator.

Wayne said...

For redirected QR links, simply create the QR image using the short URL that points to your redirect.

The example was intended to be most useful when you want to automatically generate QR links for dynamic content.

Boby said...

Also check www.qrspider.com

Anonymous said...

http://www.qrspider.com is a great tool for Dynamic QRCode generation for web.

mlee3680 said...

Fantastic post. Learn how to incorporate QR codes in your web apps to deliver quick information directly to your users' mobile device http://blog.caspio.com/web_apps/4-ways-to-use-qr-codes-in-your-web-apps/

Dynamic Page QR Code

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