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Buying quality tools always pays off in the long run. I've had my Fluke 87 True-RMS digital multimeter since 1994. It's seen sixteen years of hard use, has survived more than the occasional drop including from the second floor onto concrete.All this and and yet is still in like-new condition.
Measurement Test EquipmentThe only thing I would improve on is the non-rechargeable 9V battery which has to be changed with relative frequency. This is a little cumbersome because screws have to be removed in order to take the water-tight enclosure apart. I'm sure improvements such as a rechargeable lithium battery solution have been incorporated into the newer revisions of this time-tested gem.

Whenever I buy measurement test equipment or any type of portable test equipment one of the benefits I look for is a storage and carry case solution. I purchase a $200 probe and adapter kit with a folding case but I never did find a suitable case for the 87 from fluke so I purchased my own after market solution. Another add on I originally purchased was a nice silicon conformal sleeve. It's a sort of bump case that serves to not only protect the unit from damage, but also works as a flexible stand that also adapts in order to hook the unit over a door or other suitable support. Hands-free operation is a nice feature when working in the field.

Here is a list of some of my favorite manufactures of Measurement Test Equipment:


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