Fresher Resume Sample

This Fresher Resume Sample is designed to highlight the skills and abilities of recent graduates. One thing most of you share is a lack of directly related job experience. This is a major catch-22 obstacle as you first have to be given the opportunity to perform a job before you can begin to build experience. Follow this Fresher Resume Sample to build a winning resume!

A positive way to approach this situation is by first recognizing that you have in fact developed  meaningful experience -indirectly- performing related roles. The trick to keep in mind is that you must clearly articulate how your experience -even if gained in an unpaid capacity - have allowed you to gain the combined experience necessary to successfully perform a specific job.

It's all in the presentation:

On paper, a nice way for a fresher to sell themselves is by constructing what is known as a functional resume. A functional resume highlights your functionality - your employable skills and abilities - that you have acquired through experience -formal or not. Your specific past employment history and your roles are relegated towards the end of the resume.

As an example you may be a fantastic typist, writer and editor. In college, perhaps you had a lot of thankful friends that recognized you for your abilities and they often asked of your help and input to write papers and essays. This is an employable skill. -A functional resume highlights that skill regardless of where you gained it. 

Another example would be function skills you gained by contributing to a faculty research project. You may have gained interviewing, fact finding and valuable project management skills along the way.  

Fresher Resume Sample:

Objective: To leverage my successful track record as a team builder together with my [4 year B.Sc. degree] in a junior biotechnology research role.


Research Assistant: Conduct client interviews, documented findings, administered tests and prepared briefing reports for consumption of senior faculty and stakeholders.

Writer/Editor: Report writing and editing. Developed research papers, briefing notes and reports. 

Office Assistant: General administration duties including administering filing systems, receiving calls and making appointments.


ABC University College - B.Sc Biology 2010
Brooklyn Highschool Grade 12 Graduation 2004
Employment History

Labs-r-us 2009 - 13 week practicum.
XYZ Warehousing - 2008 ~ 2009 summer employment. Warehouse stocking.
Dr. RJ Smith - 2007 ~ 2008 summer employment. General Office Assistant
Sunnyvale Care Home 2006~2007 summer employment ~ Assisted living volunteer.

In summary, a functional resume will underscore your skills and abilities which demonstrates how, together with your education, makes you a perfect candidate.

Use this or another Fresher Resume Sample in preparation of your winning resume.


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