Online Calculus Book explains calculus intuitively and easily.

It took me way longer than I thought it should to just 'get' calculus.

Effective teaching would take you as quickly as possible to that 'ah ha' moment experienced when a new concept was first discovered. Unfortunately, the teaching norm obfuscates end-results, needlessly frustrating you  into reinventing the wheel. After much angst, I always thought, "why didn't they (the authors) just say so", after finally internalizing the concept.

An intuitive understanding is required to teach, learn and synthesize knowledge. As Einstein said, "If you can not explain something simply, you do not understand it well enough."
The reason that there is a problem is because teachers teach the way they learned -the hard way. Thankfully, there is a better way to disseminate knowledge through intuitive, practical, visual teaching.

My past frustration with the lack of insightful learning resources made me really appreciated finding the work of Kalid Azad at Better Explained . I was really impressed, and I think you will be to.

His work is available as an eBook or as a free 
Online Calculus Book


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