To bolster conversion rates, the experts would recommend that you test, test, test. This expensive technique sounds an awful lot like the mechanic who uses a customers money to experiment on, rather than fix their car. As an advertising customer, how much R&D costs are you expected to absorb during all these tests? Too much emphasis is placed on capturing the audiences attention in the 1 or 2 seconds you've got to grab it. While being noticed is an important aspect, if would-be purchasers aren't going to convert into paying customers, it's much cheaper if they just don't click to begin with. It doesn't take a rocket-scientist to figure out what makes a good ad. While you can't rely solely on your own judgment, you don't ever want to ignore it entirely either. First of all, if there's something that works that you didn't expect would, or something you expected to work that failed miserably, than over and above the opportunity to do better next time, your experience has also revealed an important incongruity within your market positioning --in other words, you don't understand your customers and what appeals to them. Once you've got their attention, are you ready to sell?

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