Online advertising grew by 25% in 2007 and is now a $21 billion dollar industry in the United States alone. As an advertiser, it's important to understand how traditional marketing psychology converges with the technical aspects of emergent marketing technologies. $21 billion is a lot of eye candy: You may have finally gotten rid of the telemarketers, but like them or not, embedded contextual ads are here to stay as advertisers become increasingly desperate to capture your attention. Personally, I like contextual ads --there's just so much involved with marketing psychology. Goolge has positioned itself perfectly to connect content publishers with advertisers in order to get you, the viewing public, to click more ads. Advertisements permeate everything: Ads for videos, ads for search, ads for content and even ads for referrals. Image ads, pay-per click ads, text ads and link ads. CPM, PPC, analytics, click-through and conversion rates, referrals, link-back and anchor-text; too often the novice advertiser knows only enough to be dangerous; in this, an expensive game that can quickly swallow your budget. Check this out for funny example of The Internet in the year 2045

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