Two exceptionally creative brothers caught more than a glimpse of limelight during the John Kerry/George Bush election showdown. With the release of "This Land", an animated political parody, the brothers' unique "JibJab" brand humor was born. This Land's audience is truly astronomical; with viewers across every continent on Earth to the International Space Station.

I'd lost touch with their progress until recently, only to find the boys continuing to impress at the JibJab humor mill. This time churning out belly-rolling laughs with yet another branded knee-slapper, "JibJab Sendables."

Promising to rid the world of "eCards that Suck", Sendables | Non-Crappy eCards, breathe life into the ordinary by allowing you to insert your own head shots to create ridiculously funny bobble-headed animations featuring you, and/or your victims. I think they must have gotten the inspiration from those Bruce Lee commercials; wasn't that Snapple...

Sendable eCards are themed for any occasion; Disco, Snoop Dog, Square Dancing and even a Striptease. JibJab's seemingly endless creativity delivers something for everyone.

Before you click send on that eCard, Just say NO! to eCards that suck.

This is an unpaid endorsement just because.


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