Let's face the facts: Canada sold out to China a long time ago. Industrialized countries are only willing to recognize human rights as long as it doesn't cost anything. In other words, money is more important than people. Period. No big surprises there. Just look at the western companies that have not only outsourced to China, they have MOVED to China. Why? So that western corporations can fulfill their lust for greed. If Canada valued human rights, then the government would be twisting China's arm with every political and economic means possible. For a start, how about banning Canadians from setting up companies in China? We all know the reason they want to relocate there, don't we. It's so they can do business where humans have no rights, no dignity, no freedom. So they can pay them $1 per day. Instead, the Canadian Government decided a long time ago that enforcing human rights was simply too costly. Instead of boycotting China, we have slut ourselves out to them economically, and have helped to create a superpower led by a ruthless dictatorship armed with nuclear weapons. China will continue to do as it damn well pleases. Failing to extend an effort to defend human rights based on international boundaries, or out of political or economic considerations is in and of itself a human rights violation. Human rights applies to humans. Period. Saying, "Sorry, we can't help you because you're in China", is an example of an irrelevant, and prejudicial bias. Why can't we help them? Is it because they're Chinese? That's prejudicial. Is it because of their geographical location? Also prejudicial. What happens if I travel from Canada to China, do I cease to be considered human? If a country wishes to flaunt its human rights record, then it must be willing to do everything in its power, both politically and economically, in order to uphold those rights for all humanity, equally. If human rights are not upheld for all humans equally, then they aren't human rights at all; they're human privileges, depending on where you're from. They're not called "Human Privileges", "Human Recommendations", or "Human Suggestions". They are called "Human Rights" because they were meant to be not only honored, but enforced. Since China wont enforce human rights, then the civilized world must twist China's arm hard enough until they do. No country can claim to respect human rights while at the same time continue to fund the dictatorships that blatantly violate them. So, lets get down off of the high horse because we have nothing to be proud of.


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