Applause to Solodad O'Brian and Imam Feisal Abdual Rauf for the solid, enlightening, interview on CNN September 11. The Imam, while appearing to be a sincere and dedicated man, failed to impress me on several points. Firstly, his main arguments suppose that America at large would somehow be responsible for the outrage and subsequent violent backlash, both domestically and abroad, should  the American people decide to relocate the proposed mosque  -sounds like a simplistic world view; the undisciplined child in need of a spanking... 

Secondly, Imam Rauf stated that "...devout Muslims consider the Quran to be the word of God..." "To burn it would be considered a sacrilegious act akin in the eyes of Christians to ...burning the Sistine Chapel." I'm not sure why the Imam chose to draw a distinction between two holy texts -the Bible and the Quran.In fact, burning the Quran is not akin to burning the Sistine Chapel -it's akin to burning the Bible. It's obvious he is delicately choosing his words in catering to an obscene audience rather than get to the heart of the issue at hand -peace, which requires tolerance which in turn requires maturity.

Read between the lines -American's are tolerant to a fault. Why does the Muslim world fail to condemn violence in the name of religion. Failing to do so is bringing a war -a war that they want- against Islam. Radicals alone are not singly to blame as the silence of supposed moderates makes them equally culpable. 

If the Imam's sentiments are true, then he will agree that the only compromise is to build an inclusive,  multi-denominational spiritual and community center -not an exclusive club.

How many Quran's were burned during the 9/11 attacks? -Perhaps security officials should consider placing a Quran on the top floor of every building to stave-off future terror attacks lest any be burned.

This issue has absolutely NOTHING to do with religion and everything to do with FEAR mongering on both sides. 

God bless America and its tolerance.


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