10 Increase in Outsourcing - As companies downsize staff, opportunities open up for consultation and service businesses to offer cost-effective service solutions. For example, a business may downsize and then realize they no longer require an internal IT department, but they still need help from time to time. This would create an opportunity for an entrepreneurial IT consultant to offer their services.

9 Opportunity to Lower Startup Costs - Opportunities to form strategic alliances form as companies try to cut costs. A downsizing company may be willing to sublease office space, share warehousing costs,  establish common office space, or share other operating costs such as office equipment. Even employees - such as a common secretary or receptionist.

8. Increased opportunity to franchise. Have a great idea? The recently unemployed become new franchisee prospects that you can sell to.

7. Market Opens - As large companies downsize, they sometimes abandoned market niches . This abandonment creates opportunities for the right-sized enterprise to enter and exploit.

6. Low Interest Rates -  Lenders, especially hungry private investors, will be more likely to puruse venture capitol opportunities.

5. Cheap Labor - A high unemployment rate creates a glut of skilled labor for you to hire.

4. Less Competition - As companies downsize or discontinue operations, there are less choices available in the market.

3. Research and Development - Many governments reward innovation in the form of refundable tax credits. Use the slow time during recessionary periods to innovate your products, services and operations.

2. Increased Government Spending - Government spending in green technology, civil infrastructures and other initiatives can present unique opportunities for consultants and contractors to jump start their new business. 

1. Longevity - A business structured to survive a recession is less likely fail during any economic cycle


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