The PersonalMBA project has produced a fantastic reading list and online community centered around the concept that busy professionals can obtain an MBA quality education on their own accord. I love to read non-fiction, so I figured, why not complete the challenge. Right now I'm reading "The Copyrighter's Handbook" by Robert W. Bly.

I've always been a strong advocate of continuing education and self-education specifically. My post-secondary experience as an Instructor showed me that all too many students simply want a brain-dump for purposes of passing the test. A piece of paper. Similarly, the machine -Academia- is about 20 years behind the technology curve. 

Why on earth should online learning cost more than in class when the cost of delivery is a fraction compared to traditional classroom delivery. Their arguments are bullshit. Academia has become a money making machine like every other professional trade union, like oh let me see, Longshoremen and oh, what's that other one, oh yes, the various college of physician's that keep 'unqualified' doctors from underdeveloped countries like German from practicing medicine here...god help us.

Paying more is not going to make anyone any smarter and nobody can teach you what the world is going to be doing next year.

Academia teaches what happened, not what will happen, and they can not possibly keep up with the rate that technological information is expanding. By the time they convert it into a curriculum, it's already obsolete. If individuals want to stay current their going to have to make lifelong learning a lifestyle.

So two BIG thumbs up for PMBAs founder, Josh Kaufman!!!


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