Justice Pitfield's decision to compel the Government to recognize Vancouver's Insite safe injection facility as a health care service, overrules law, the Government, and the common sense of the electorate. With a severely perverted interpretation of Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Justice Pitfield underscores the leadership vacuum in which we now live.

How is it that glorified lawyers have risen to the status of supreme law makers? Increasingly, the Judiciary is out of touch with the day to day lives of Canadians, and their incompetence can not be tolerated.

It's well past time for a change.

Here is an email to Randy Kamp, our Member of Parliament:

Honorable Randy Kamp, MP

Dear Mr. Kamp:

Please allow me to take this opportunity to applaud the Government's decision to cease funding from Vancouver's Insite safe injection program.

I wonder now what course of action may be pursued in response to Justice Pitfield's ruling.

As a father of 3, I unilaterally reject the argument that Insite is a health care program: Conversely, such services are entirely hypocritical as they serve only to perpetuate the destruction of our communities, and the lives of already sick citizens. If anyone really cared about these people, they would be institutionalized until they chose to live clean, independent lives.

The incompetence of this Justice lends itself well to our culture of lawlessness where Charter Rights weigh more heavily than the tenets of basic human dignities and justice --He is obviously NOT a father.

When the people go as far as to elect a government that will finally enact and ENFORCE necessary laws, it is very discouraging to be flanked by unelected officials.

Mr. Justice Ian Pitfield's perversion of justice ought to be chastised from the highest levels.

Your comments would be greatly appreciated.

Best regards,

Wayne Doucette, Pitt Meadows


Reply from Randy Kamp:


Thank you for your e-mail.

I, too, was disappointed by the B.C. Supreme Court Justice's decision to effectively strike down important sections of Canada's drug laws in his ruling.

The Minister of Health, Tony Clement, has indicated that our government disagrees with the decision. The Minister of Justice will be reviewing the decision to determine whether we will appeal.

Our Government believes that the best way to deal with the health issues of drug addicts is to offer treatment and indeed to prevent people from getting addicted to illicit drugs in the first place. We don't consider it the best health outcome to keep people in a position where they continue to rely on and use illicit drugs.

Thank you again for taking the time to write.


Randy Kamp, MP

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