Plight of First Nations in Canada akin to Tibet ...let's trade places than, shall we:

In March 2007, three members of Vancouver's Native Warriors Society cut down the Olympic flag at Vancouver City Hall.

The issues facing First Nations people in Canada are severely misrepresented by self-righteous zealots eager to make a name for themselves. Fence-riding leaders such as Assembly of First Nations Grand Chief, Phil Fontaine, display moral maturity of 5 year olds, continue to discredit the spirit of diversity in Canada, and their lack of sensibility serves only to detract from the legitimate issues facing our communities.

Squamish band members will likely protest at the 2010 Olympic Games despite the chief signing an agreement with the Vancouver Organizing Committee to support the event.

"There will be some level of protest, and I hope so, too," Squamish First Nation Chief Bill Williams said Thursday.

"We are going to be working with VANOC, but we have 3,500 members and not all want to be part of the Olympics. They want to talk about the children and the hardships in the community and they have the full right to do that."

By sanctioning the actions of bigoted demonstrators clad in war-like terrorist attire, community leaders are culpable for what amounts to crimes of hate against true Canadians whom embrace the concept of equality, peace and tolerance.

Demonstrators who hide behind balaclavas prove the extent of their own cowardice and the illegitimacy of their actions. These people deserve a tour of the Olympics from inside a paddywagon.

As the father of a 9th generation Canadian, I ask this question as a litmus test for sensibility: What does my 7 year old daughter owe you people? You are not special, and your displays of misguided hostility is to all Canadians; new, native, non-native or otherwise, a complete and utter embarrassment.

Fontaine's comments only serve to cheapen Tibetan suffrage and stymie progress of Canadian First Nations communities.


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