Syndicating content in a user friendly way is important. This is especially true if you operate a multi-issue blog where it's nice to be able to fragment content into separate channels.

Content syndicated into discrete RSS feeds allows your audience to choose which content channels they wish to subscribe to.

Default Blogger RSS feed paths:

Alternate Custom Blogger RSS Feed Paths:

Use these paths to syndicate content other than those provided by default in Blogger. Each example outputs an XML formatted feed -create as many alternate feeds as you wish:

Generate a Blogger RSS/XML feed from post label(s)
/* ...*/

Sort Blogger RSS/XML feeds like this:

Blogger RSS Feed Usages

Use these RSS feeds as you like. Either through a third party-feed burning service like, embed them in your Blogger template, or create custom links to third-party subscription buttons to services like this
Add Blogger How-to to Google Reader for the Google Reader see Google's blog here.

Embedding an RSS feed in Blogger Template
Paste the following code in the < head> section of your Blogger template:

< href="" rel="alternate" title="Blogger How-to Channel" type="application/rss+xml">


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