If you are eligible under one of Canada's visa classes, immigrating to Canada is not difficult. Although, a significant amount of paperwork, and a strong command of written English or French is required. Generally speaking, working with Citizenship and Immigration Canada is not difficult. If you have access to the Internet and preferably a printer, there's absolutely nothing stopping you from accomplishing your own application. Filing your own application will save you thousands of dollars. Having an agent is a simple matter of convenience -having an agent does not increase your chances of being approved. In fact, having an agent can cause the agency to scrutinize your application more thoroughly. Immigration Canada, under the law, must remain impartial to all applicants. Immigration Canada does not try to deny your application, their job is to ensure you meet the requirements of immigration. If your application qualifies, it will qualify whether or not you complete the application or have an a third party agent do it for you. As long as your application is truthful and you meet the requirements of immigration, you will be approved. In the worse case scenario, your application will be denied and you would have wasted up to two years or more plus the application fees. This is true weather or not you file the application or have an agent do it for you, but at least filing on your own saves a lot of money. If you have family or friends already residing in Canada, they can significantly assist you in the process. In particular, if you have a Canadian Citizens available to assist you, the process can be made even easier. For instance, Canadian Citizens are given top priority when communicating with a consulate, visa office or Embassy of Canada. These agencies can offer you generic advice about the rules and processes involving Immigration Canada. When visiting a Consulate or embassy there are generally two lines: One for Canadian citizens, and on for non-Canadians. This means that Canadian Citizens are generally served first. When communicating by email to a Canadian Consulate or Embassy abroad, some questions pertaining to certain Immigration programs will NOT be answered -such as Canada's live in care giver program. Typically, any questions from a Canadian Citizen that pertain to an eligible immigration program, are answered immediately.


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