Another argument that shows the faulty logic involved in deciding that closing schools more days of the year saves money is to take a look at what happens in the real world...Would it make sense to you if Jim Pattison spent a ton of money building a brand new shiny auto mall. Then on opening day, he announces that the mall, in an effort to save money, will only be open 3 days per week, 156 days a year. That way, the mall will cost him less then half in heating and lighting. For the days of the week the mall will be closed, because Pattison's business model is so successful, he will be using the money he saves on closing the mall to keep the managers on payroll. No it doesn't make sense, obviously he would want the asset to be utilized as much as possible -same logic applies to schools. Other jurisdictions attempt to maximize the utilization of school facilities before building new ones. That takes creativity though to deliver school offerings for day and evening classes and summer school. We should consider using what resources we have, including human resources, in a more effective manner before building new facilities. Like Judge Judy says, if it doesn't make sense, it's not true.


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